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This 2 hour practical workshop is fun and interactive.
Part 1 focuses on effective communication, the four communication styles and how you can adapt when communicating with different styles and enhance communication in the workplace.
Part 2 is all about how to overcome ‘networking resistance’ so you can build your professional network and then how to network effectively to enhance your career.



In the course of the workshop, participants will:
  • Build confidence in communication and professional networking
  • Identify their own natural communication style and those of others
  • Leverage this understanding to facilitate open and honest communication with team members
  • Approach difficult situations and differences of opinion with an understanding of how their message is received by others
  • Understand the meaning of true networking and understand what networking can do for their career
  • Learn how to overcome networking reluctance
  • Create a strong positioning statement that can be adapted to various potential networking opportunities
  • Learn how to expand upon their professional network internally and externally
  • Gain understanding of the power of the professional online social networking tool, LinkedIn and how to optimize their online profile to manage their personal brand.



  • Those wishing to understand the meaning of communication and how to facilitate clearer communications
  • Those who are unsure of how professional networking can enhance their careers



Clarity in Communications

  • The benefits of clear communication
  • The risks of poor communication
  • Complete the Personal Coaching/Communication Styles Inventory
  • Identify your communication style
  • Understand the 4 communication styles
  • Adapt your style for enhanced communication


  Your Network, Your Net Worth

  • Understand what networking is
  • Why is networking important for your career
  • Indentify your networking targets
  • How to make an introduction
  • Devise and practice your positioning statement
  • 8 mantras to manage the business of YOU
  • How to expand your professional network online using LinkedIn



Participants will take an active part in discussions and practical exercises including the completion of the Personal Coaching/Communication Style Inventory (PCSI, a Corporate Coach U assessment tool) to identify their own communication style.  (Questionnaires to be supplied on the day.)
This workshop can be tailored to suit your specific requirements

This is a great investment into YOUR FUTURE

“Business Communication & Networking”

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If you have a group of at least 10 participants,

workshops can be held at your organisation, school or association

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