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When I first met Jane Jackson I was struck by her love of life and her enthusiasm for helping people. When considering speakers for our Women of Westpac events in 2014, Jane was one of the first people who came to mind.

Jane recently spoke at a networking event for our members. Jane’s story was shared with genuine warmth, humour and included some great examples that resonated with many in the audience. I would recommend Jane to anyone seeking an engaging speaker who will inspire and motivate the audience.

Senior Manager Capability & Operations at Westpac
Chairperson (2014), Women of Westpac
Charmaine Woodlands
The Association for Payroll Specialists

Jane provided our members with an amazing presentation. Her engaging manner left all our delegates with a new perception of their image and what can be achieved with a more professional approach. Jane is humorous, engaging and extremely professional. We would not hesitate to recommend her for future events.

Events Manager

Christine Chadwick
Rio Tinto

Jane Jackson is a fabulous presenter who has delivered us great results in boosting the confidence and image of our graduates new to the mining industry. Her sessions are fun and funny and she speaks so beautifully; no matter how incredulous you start, you can’t help but be engaged and connect with her. Jane is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about Professional Image and she comes so well prepared that she can handle even the toughest critic. Even after six weeks of the same programme she still had time and energy for every single audience member.

Our graduate engineers rated Jane the highest out of a week long agenda of speakers and frequently listed topics from her session as the best learning from the week – something we really didn’t expect from a bunch of male, gen-Y left-brainers and a “fluffy” subject. Such is Jane’s skill at tapping in to the audience and bringing out the relevance of the subject.

Jane’s follow up is also fantastic: the encouragement and care that she provided to not only our graduates but also our training team was so touching – she really went out of her way to help and coach.
We only wish that Jane presented on more than Professional Image – her style is so engaging and effective that we’d like to bring her in for all the training we deliver!

Felicity Clark, Specialist, Leadership & People Development

I recently engaged Jane to present career development advice to Optus employees as part of an optus-wide careers project. Jane did an excellent job of facilitating, she is extremely knowledgable, polished and professional.

As well as classroom workshops Jane delivered via live video stream. This is a new technology and a very challenging environment for a presenter. She was streamed from a studio to desktops around Australia delivering content and answering questions on the spot.

Jane embraced the opportunity and performed brilliantly under pressure. The feedback from participants was very positive and she was a pleasure to work with.

Kylie Fuller, Organisational Development – Leadership
At a time when I didn’t know what do next in my career Jane helped me reassess my career and life values, and helped me to explore different avenues for my future career path. Right from the start she knew the right questions to ask to help me understand more about myself and what is important to me in my future career. At the end of each conversation I left like she had managed to pull things apart for me which I never would have achieved on my own, and she left me feeling confident about my next steps. She was also fantastic at giving me support, guidance and advice on job searching and interview technique. Jane is a very motivating and positive person who was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for clarity, advice and guidance about their career and future direction.
Jo Green, Senior Fundraising Campaign Coordinator, Caritas

Wishing to resume my career after a lengthy break, in a new country and really unsure which direction to take, I contacted Jane for some professional help. Jane really listened; within one meeting she acknowledged that I was giving out mixed messages and helped me to delve further to resolve them. She understands my career anchors and that feeding my soul is as important as feeding my bank balance. Even rewriting my resume became a positive experience as, with Jane’s guidance, it became a confidence boosting exercise. Jane gives me the benefit of her vast experience, but also understands my personality and way of working. Between us, we got the perfect result in startlingly quick time!

Beverley Pope, Greenpeace
BW Shipping, Singapore

As a Human Resources professional, I employed Jane Jackson as my coach as I wanted to explore coaching as an additional skill to offer in my career. Little did I know that the experience would prove to be so invaluable in every aspect of my life. For the first time in my life I started thinking about me and what I truly wanted. I thought about how I could get to that “perfect” place of happiness and how to find the way to balance my needs with the needs of my family and the demands of my career. This was a life changing experience for me. I attribute this to Jane’s competent supportive coaching ability. The goal of coaching is for the individual to identify areas they want to improve upon, to set a plan and execute that plan. Jane is a master at this! She is truly a professional in every way and I guarantee any time spent with her in a coaching capacity will significantly change your life and lead you to achieving your goals.

Sara Stratton, Senior Manager HR & Administration, BW Shipping
I enjoyed the entire experience (simple and effective) and got a lot out of it as an individual and as a manager.”

“Good job by Jane Jackson, some very valuable tips.  Especially about the keywords and about LinkedIn.”

“Very well done, the presentation looked visually appealing and the presenter held my attention.  Nice work!”

“Very professionally done.  I thought that you provided a relaxed and informative session – I thoroughly enjoyed it – thank you.”

“The style of the presenter was great, she had a very effective way of communicating.”

“Very well presented and engaging.

Optus – Employees, live video-streamed presentations across Australia to camera on Career Planning (Oct 2011)
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