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This 3 hour practical workshop includes a discussion on the causes of stress, how to identify and manage the signs and symptoms of cumulative stress.

meditation, stress relief, relaxation

This discussion is followed by an assessment of your current cumulative stress levels.  Then, in order to assist in stress management and relaxation, enjoy a physical stretch session to promote increased flexibility and relaxation.
Once participants are physically relaxed, instruction is given on meditation as a stress relieving technique followed by guided visualization and a hands-on meditation session to lower blood pressure and heart rate and promote increased clarity, confidence and relaxation.
Guaranteed to make you feel great and gain peace and clarity in your life!
Participants are provided with handouts on stress management techniques and meditation techniques. Dress in comfortable clothes for this workshop as the stretching session includes floor work. Maximum number of participants depends on the size of venue.


Gift yourself 3 minutes of peace – listen to this relaxing audio:


Stress Relief and Relaxation.

Call Jane on +612 8076 4808 or email jane@janejacksoncoach.com

If you have a group of at least 10 participants,

workshops can be held at your organisation, school or association.

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