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Zachariah Ballinger, Zack Ballinger, Jane Jackson, Career Coach, Top The Hot Seat, Careers

89 Zachariah Ballinger – Author, The Hot Seat

    Click here for your FREE Job Interview Checklist Years ago, Zachariah Ballinger, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Career Coach was diagnosed with Meniere's disease and was told he would never hear again. He simply was told to go and sign up for disability payments, as he’d probably not be able to work again. Not one to accept adversity, through sheer determination Zachariah fought this disease, and ...
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88 Ace Your Interview!

HOW TO ACE YOUR JOB INTERVIEW Click here for a free job interview checklist According to an article in BusinessWire, Top executive recruiters say the most common interview mistake is verbosity.  There are candidates who simply "talk too much," states the Executive Recruiter Index (Part II) released by Korn/Ferry International (NYSE:KFY), the world's leading provider of recruitment solutions. Among more than 300 professional recruiters surveyed, 43 percent believe ...
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Paul Darby, AccountAbility, Recruitment, Career Change

87 Paul Darby – AccountAbility Recruitment

As a recruitment specialist, Paul Darby, shares his career journey, his insights across cultures between Great Britain, France and Australia, and how this has benefited him in his role as Managing Director of AccountAbility Recruitment in Sydney. He has created an extremely positive culture at AccountAbility and employees and candidates truly enjoy their experience with the brand. Paul shares how to really work with recruiters if you ...
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Eliza Ludwig, Bread Budgeting, finance, career change, Jane Jackson

86 Eliza Ludwig – Bread Budgeting Services

Eliza Ludwig asks small business owners:   Are you working around the clock but still can’t afford a day off? Do you love your product, but can’t understand why your customers are not buying it? Or do you just have a business idea you’d like to try out but don’t know where to start?   It starts with the budget, but it is about so much more ...
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Robyn Hawke, Interior Designer, Designer, Interior Design, Career change, career coach, Jane Jackson

85 Robyn Hawke – Interior Designer

Robyn Hawke is an incredibly inspiring lady who has overcome multiple personal and professional challenges to become the talented interior designer she is today. After a long career as a high school teacher, she realised this was not her true passion and direction. After much soul searching, took the plunge into a new career path by enrolling in a three year, full time design course to retrain ...
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Keith Keller, Twitter

84 Keith Keller – Global Twitter Guru

Keith Keller has had an fascinating career journey from early dreams to be a radio show host to becoming a musician writing and performing songs in his heavy metal, leather pants style delivering music he describes as ‘Bon Jovi singing to the Dalai Lama’ then realising that was not going to pay the bills which resulted in years in roles that paid well but did not feed ...
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Rachel White, Jane Jackson, career coach, your career podcast, CFO, virtual CFO, CFO for Rent, career

83 Rachel White – Virtual CFO

Over the past 20 years, Rachel has worked in 4 countries, raised $20M+ in capital, funded 4 start-ups and mentored many business owners. She combines her commercial experience with her investor relationships to bring the right people in at the right time and bring an idea to life.  Rachel observes that we are moving into the world where every business will, in some form or other, be ...
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Tayo Rockson, Jane Jackson Podcast, Jane Jackson, Editor BrandEdU

82 Tayo Rockson – Editor BrandEdU

Tayo Rockson is a Third Culture Kid - someone who has spent the formative part of his childhood years outside of his parents' culture. He grew up on four different continents so he considers himself a citizen of the world. He has lived in Sweden, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Vietnam and the United States and he’s vowed to use his global identity to make an impact in the ...
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Brian Basilico, The Bacon System, Jane Jackson

81 Brian Basilico – The Bacon System

I am delighted to welcome Brian Basilico, author of The Bacon System, back on my show. I featured Brian back in April this year on Episode 73 of my podcast and we talked about his amazing career journey. Brian's story was so fascinating that I'm delighted to have him back to talk about his brand new book, The Bacon System – Sizzlin’ Hot Recipes That Grow Your ...
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Jacqui Pretty, Editor, Grammar Factory

80 Jacqui Pretty – Editor Grammar Factory

* * * * * * * * * * Listen to Jacqui’s fascinating story about how she became a successful entrepreneur and founder of Grammar Factory. Jacqui shares her journey from her dreams of being an astronaut and actress in Sydney all the way to London, France and back, working in internal communications, teaching business English, delving into SEO copywriting and then managing the digital content ...
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Odelle Brown, Executive Director, Evolve People

79 Odelle Brown – Executive Director Evolve People

Odelle’s early career path was as a dancer. A star within a UK performing arts school, dance and drama were her passion. Odelle’s career path is a varied and fascinating one. From dancing to her dreams of becoming a journalist in the UK, to joining the Automotive industry, writing processes and procedures to put in an ISO 9001 system for a company that manufactured windscreen wipers, her ...
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John Tarnoff, Baby Boomer, Reinvention Coach, Boomer

78 John Tarnoff – Boomer Reinvention Coach

John Tarnoff is a man of many talents.  When we connected on LinkedIn last year I knew I had to interview him on my podcast as he is the Master of Reinvention!  With his impressive media career I wondered how did he transition to become the Coach that Baby Boomers in the US turn to when going through career change?  Listen to our fascinating conversation during which ...
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