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97 Paul Lyons – Mental Toughness

The Magic Ingredient for success is Mental Toughness - Paul Lyons  After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in his home town of Manchester, England Paul Lyons joined Michael Page International as a recruitment consultant, later emigrating to Sydney where he became Managing Director for Michael Page Australia and then Managing Director for Michael Page Asia Pacific based in Hong Kong. With his entrepreneurial mindset and being someone ...
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96 Shivani Gopal – The Remarkable Woman

I recently read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald and was intrigued by the story featuring Shivani Gopal who has started a movement called The Remarkable Woman. I found her story so fascinating that I was compelled to contact her for an interview. This episode is an exciting one, especially for women! Shivani Gopal is an Australian Business Woman and Entrepreneur, who is leading the charge for female ...
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95 Tim Fargo – Social Jukebox

As CEO of Social Jukebox - a social media scheduling tool that is a digital marketer's dream, Tim Fargo inspires us with his entrepreneurial spirit. Social Jukebox is one of Tim's many fascinating ventures, and is a valuable tool that helps entrepreneurs save time by scheduling posts, tweets and updates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn months in advance and goes way beyond what the other social media scheduling ...
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94 Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life

Enjoy these positive affirmations for relaxation, motivation, happiness and success   Welcome to your time - ten minutes of blissful peace and relaxation to build your self confidence and resilience. Allow your eyes to comfortably close Allow your breath to flow in and deep inside you so you can take time … Time to breathe and settle into a deep relaxation where your concerns will float away ...
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93 Daniela Cavalletti – Branding & Marketing

With a global career spanning 25-odd years in corporate and small business as an English/German bilingual, Daniela has a deep understanding of both, business and important cultural nuances and an in depth knowledge of branding and marketing. Her career took her from being a Fixed Income and Equity Operations Analyst at Goldman Sachs in Frankfurt to Morgan Stanley in London in the 1990’s to Marketing Manager at ...
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Chris Ashmore, audio producer, recruiter, media, podcast

92 Chris Ashmore – Audio Producer, BE Media

If you’re considering how to get into media production or international recruitment, this is the perfect podcast episode for you! Chris completed his Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Media Studies and joined Business Essentials in 1998 as a production assistant, soon becoming one of several producers. 4 years later Chris left BE to embark on an adventure to the Land of the Rising Sun: that is, of ...
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John Lee Dumas, JLD, EOFire, The Freedom Journal, entrepreneur

91 John Lee Dumas – The Freedom Journal

I interviewed John about his career journey, podcasting, being The Entrepreneur on Fire and his zest for life one year ago. He has now published The Freedom Journal – an amazing journal that supports you to accomplish your goal in 100 days by following John’s SMART methodology. The Freedom Journal has great ‘Thud’ value – a beautifully bound, high quality, black journal etched with gold leaf that ...
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Aspen Nannies, Natalie Noakes, entrepreneur, career change, Jane Jackson

90 Natalie Noakes – Founder Aspen Nannies

Natalie Noakes, Founder of Aspen Nannies, loves children, animals and the environment. She has had an international upbringing and holds a bachelor degree in Science from Sydney University. Graduating as an Environment Scientist, Natalie worked as a hydrologist for the Australian government agency, Sydney Water, for 5 years before pursuing one of her dream of being a ski­-bum for a few months in the mountains of Colorado. Moving to Aspen Colorado, the few months easily turned into 2 years. Natalie fell in love ...
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89 Zachariah Ballinger – Author, The Hot Seat

    Click here for your FREE Job Interview Checklist Years ago, Zachariah Ballinger, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Career Coach was diagnosed with Meniere's disease and was told he would never hear again. He simply was told to go and sign up for disability payments, as he’d probably not be able to work again. Not one to accept adversity, through sheer determination Zachariah fought this disease, and ...
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88 Ace Your Interview!

HOW TO ACE YOUR JOB INTERVIEW Click here for a free job interview checklist According to an article in BusinessWire, Top executive recruiters say the most common interview mistake is verbosity.  There are candidates who simply "talk too much," states the Executive Recruiter Index (Part II) released by Korn/Ferry International (NYSE:KFY), the world's leading provider of recruitment solutions. Among more than 300 professional recruiters surveyed, 43 percent believe ...
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Paul Darby, AccountAbility, Recruitment, Career Change

87 Paul Darby – AccountAbility Recruitment

As a recruitment specialist, Paul Darby, shares his career journey, his insights across cultures between Great Britain, France and Australia, and how this has benefited him in his role as Managing Director of AccountAbility Recruitment in Sydney. He has created an extremely positive culture at AccountAbility and employees and candidates truly enjoy their experience with the brand. Paul shares how to really work with recruiters if you ...
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Eliza Ludwig, Bread Budgeting, finance, career change, Jane Jackson

86 Eliza Ludwig – Bread Budgeting Services

Eliza Ludwig asks small business owners:   Are you working around the clock but still can’t afford a day off? Do you love your product, but can’t understand why your customers are not buying it? Or do you just have a business idea you’d like to try out but don’t know where to start?   It starts with the budget, but it is about so much more ...
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