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113 Sonia Wray – Sterling Results

Serial Entrepreneur Sonia Wray is the founder of Sterling Results. Sterling Results is the umbrella company from which she runs three business. The ‘Business Brains Club’ where she Mentors small business for growth. ‘Sterling Results Fitness Club’ which focuses on those who are, or who want to be, ‘Fit Fabulous and over 50’ and finally ‘Trekking Adventures’, where she takes people on the trek of a lifetime ...
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112 Beth Powell – Digital Marketing Club

Beth Powell is the founder of Digital Marketing Club – an SME digital marketing strategy development and coaching business and the author of Drive More Business: a five-step guide to digital marketing for auto dealers. She also runs a small online import business. Beth is an entrepreneur who created the first social media and digital marketing professional development programs in Australia 10 years ago which she has ...
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111 Why You Must Write a Book

Many professionals think about writing a book, few actually write a book and get it published.  For the vast majority, getting their book out there is just a pipe dream. Does it have to remain a pipe dream? What does it take to write a book and become a published author? Most people I've spoken to wish that they could write a book and I tell them ...
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110 Chris J Reed – Black Marketing

Chris Reed is the charismatic Founder & Global CEO of Black Marketing.  Black Marketing is a global marketing consultancy that specializes in enabling LinkedIn for C-suite executives & Entrepreneurs across the world. He has taken the company from 1 person in 1 country in 2014 to a full listing on the NASDAQ in 2016. Chris has been named as an Official LinkedIn Power Profile 2012-2016, has one ...
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Johanne Rossi, chief procurement officer, procurement, Caltex, CPO, supply chain, leader, women in leadership, career change

109 Johanne Rossi – Chief Procurement Officer

Johanne Rossi, Chief Procurement Officer at Caltex, is one of Australia’s most interesting procurement personalities who combines passion and intelligence with humility and care.  I was honoured to interview her at the beautiful Caltex office in Sydney where her enthusiasm for life and work shone through. Awarded Chief Procurement Officer of the Year, Procurement Leader of the year, Most Improved Procurement Operation of the year and Procurement Function ...
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Carl Quested, AgentMail, BrandStrong, Jane Jackson, Career Coach

108 Carl Quested – AgentMail and BrandStrong

> In addition to running AgentMail and BrandStrong, Carl Quested is the author of Alpha Mail - How To List and Sell More Property Using Direct Mail. Having started his first business with $2,000 in his spare room, he now employs over 10 staff across his businesses, 6 and 7-figure businesses, and is a regular presenter around Australia on the subject of marketing. Let’s find out his ...
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107 Professor Sattar Bawany – CEE Global Executive Coach

Professor Sattar Bawany is Chief Executive Officer of the Centre for Executive Education (CEE Global). Professor Sattar Bawany - CEO of CEE Global, the Centre for Executive Education and Master Executive Coach & Facilitator with Executive Development Associates (EDA) Asia Pacific. CEE is the exclusive Strategic Partner of EDA in Asia Pacific. I had a fascinating conversation with Professor Bawany about his career path and gained valuable ...
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106 Brad Eisenhuth – The Outperformer

Brad Eisenhuth and his business partner, Adam Neyenhuys, are entrepreneurs who developed The Outperformer, a rapidly growing career management platform to help ambitious accounting and finance professionals “outperform”, by supporting them with education through experienced industry leaders, career growth systems and access to a range of mentors from many of Australia’s leading organisations. They developed a passion and energy for building this business through over a decade ...
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Jo Green, Firework, Jane Jackson, Career Coach, Jane Jackson Careers

105 Jo Green – Firework Career Coach

A passionate advocate for social enterprises, Jo Green is accredited in the Firework program and coaches people who run small, for purpose businesses in the not for profit space as well as helping people through a career change. Jo has made a number of interesting career changes herself and is able to leverage her personal and professional transitions to assist others. Jo moved from working in market ...
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Linda Hill, recruitment, beauty therapy recruitment, career coach, Jane Jackson

103 Linda Hill – Beauty Therapy Recruitment

When it comes to Beauty Therapy Recruitment, look no further than Linda Hill Recruitment! Linda founded the company in 2004 and has since built a solid track record in placing talented professionals in jobs at luxury hotels, spas, salons and clinics throughout London. Linda is also an experienced and engaging keynote speaker and has been invited to speak at conferences and events in Japan, South Africa and ...
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Deb Carr, Sydney Chic Blog, Jane Jackson, The Jasmine in the Forest

102 Deb Carr – Sydney Chic Blog

In addition to her highly successful Sydney Chic Blog, Deb Carr has a passion for helping others build their digital profiles. Deb has worked with a diverse group of clients, from small business to entrepreneurs and has a keen interest in developing digital marketing and social media campaigns for others. Deb is regularly seen on the red carpet in Sydney at glittering events, covering exciting restaurant and ...
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